Criminology prof's national award continues UHCL legacy

April 12, 2022 | UHCL Staff

Criminology prof's national award continues UHCL legacy

University of Houston-Clear Lake's Associate Professor of Criminology Kimberly Dodson is the recipient of the Becky Tatum Excellence Award, in recognition of her commitment to conceptual or empirical contributions to the study of black indigenous people of color who have been involved with the criminal justice system.

"The Becky Tatum Excellence Award is important to me because her research shaped my perspectives on the study of race, gender and crime," Dodson said. "It is particularly meaningful to me because Dr. Tatum served as an assistant professor of criminology herself here at UH-Clear Lake, prior to her passing in 2005. Her work continues to inspire me."

Dodson's work examines the injustices and inequities experienced by incarcerated parents, juveniles, disabled, elderly and mentally disabled individuals, as well as women criminal justice professionals.

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