New director hopes to bridge gap between UHCL alumni, students

July 8, 2019 | UHCL Staff

New director hopes to bridge gap between UHCL alumni, students

When Carri Hill found out that University of Houston-Clear Lake had a new, state-of-the-art Recreation and Wellness Center, she became a member and was amazed at the world-class fitness equipment, the level of research taking place in the Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute, as well as the opportunities for employment. So when the university posted an opening in her area of expertise—alumni relations management—she responded immediately and on July 1, began her new role as UH-Clear Lake’s director of alumni engagement.

The position was created to strengthen the bridge between the university’s alumni base and the university, its various colleges and departments, and current and former students. “Enriching the relationship between alumni and the university is key to the ongoing success of the university’s programs,” Hill said.

Hill, who spent 10 years as university relations manager at Abilene Christian University, said she has lived in the Clear Lake area since 1988. Although she’s from Irving, Texas, she considers this community her home. “I didn’t know we had all the resources that UHCL provides, and I wanted UHCL to be where I invested my talents and experience,” she said. “I have a vision to create a ‘one hand forward, one hand back’ culture as director of alumni engagement. That means, the alumni should be enriched by the university, and they should have the opportunity to do the same for the university and its students. As they’re receiving, they’re giving as well.”

As a non-traditional university, she said UHCL has a unique alumni base. “It’s one of my goals to find new ways to engage them, and to help the university find ways to continue supporting them.”

She said she hoped to create a culture of mutual support between graduates and current students. “That means, as more alumni are coming out of the university, they’re stepping into an established culture of giving and receiving,” she said. “I want this office to serve and energize our alumni, while also facilitating their connection to UHCL. Here, alumni and students help each other for the overall good. Together, we are stronger.”

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