Powellson says Student Affairs creates solid student experiences, complements classroom

October 6, 2022 | UHCL Staff


Tina Powellson, formerly the director of the Center for Student Involvement at University of Houston, became interim vice president of the Division of Student Affairs at University of Houston-Clear Lake last month. 

To ensure the division continued moving forward after the departure of previous Vice President of Student Affairs Aaron Hart, Powellson was tapped to take the interim role by UH-Clear Lake President Richard Walker

“Dr. Walker offered an opportunity at UHCL for me use my past experience to grow and continue developing the amazing work already happening here, and those things excited me,” Powellson said. “Professionally, I thrive with this kind of work. This is a chance to expand the skills I have to elevate the Division of Student Affairs. Although this is a different campus than UH, I have appreciated building on existing relationships and creating new ones.  There are so many possibilities and opportunities at UHCL.”

Powellson said her short-term goals included creating a strong team by filling position vacancies in the Division, refining our processes and institutional connections, and creating a strong strategic direction with the foundation already laid. “We need to continue providing a solid student experience,” she said. “Our departments are already doing great work, but I’m going to be working on building our community and team within the division to move everyone in the same, unified direction.”

She added that Student Affairs is where students gain transferable skills that will help in the workplace. “Soft skills are developed in the co-curricular experience, and that’s our responsibility—to complement the classroom,” she said. 

She said that there were so many positive things happening in the area of Student Affairs, but she viewed her role as an opportunity to continue making productive improvements to strengthen Division. “I think leadership matters,” she said. “I want to help guide my team toward increasing student engagement and measuring that impact. We know students are here to earn a degree, while many of the lasting memories are made here in Student Affairs.”

Powellson said she had worked in  Student Affairs for over 20 years, coming up from graduate assistant to all positions in between. “I view this as a chance to be on a campus that is on the rise, help take it to a higher level and contribute to the greater plan by creating an engaging student experience to attract and retain our students,” she said. “Student Affairs can and should be a significant part of making UHCL a place that will become future students’ first choice—that’s my commitment.”

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