Teacher candidates in STEM fields can apply for Noyce scholarships, funded internships

March 31, 2022 | UHCL Staff

Teacher candidates in STEM fields can apply for Noyce scholarships, funded internships

Teachers-in-training at University of Houston-Clear Lake have always had access to plenty of support, through highly-invested professors who stay involved with teachers even after graduation, as well as excellent scholarship opportunities.

Now teacher candidates can apply for tuition funds from a $1.2 million grant from the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, which provides money for preservice teacher candidates in STEM-related fields to complete their four-year degree. The grant also allows for paid professional development opportunities that supports classroom implementation.

Professor of Literacy, Library Science and Learning Technologies Jana Willis, who was the principal investigator on the grant hosted by the National Science Foundation, said that up to 24 students can benefit from the grant.

"The grant will also fund quite a few internships," Willis said. "We have support from industries all over the area that are offering internships that will help students get more experience in their content area. We believe that the more opportunities you have to be stronger in your content area, the better teacher you'll be."

Students can receive paid internships at Armand Bayou Nature Center, the Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation, the Environmental Institute of Houston, the Lunar Planetary Institute, the UHCL Kids U/Hawk STEAM Academy, or be a research partner to a UHCL STEM or STEAM education faculty member.

Preservice teachers will also have the chance to work collaboratively with others to help build models for STEM integration in their future classrooms. Nine local independent school districts are participating in the program, including Channelview, Dickinson, Goose Creek and Texas City.

College of Science and Engineering juniors and seniors who are seeking or are considering seeking a 7-12 certification in math or science are the target of the grant.

"The grant seeks to support underserved, low-income, underrepresented teacher candidates who seek to return to their home public school districts as teachers," she said. "The Noyce philosophy has always been diligent about getting more women into STEM fields, and about diversifying the pool of teacher candidates."

For more information about applying for Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship, please contact Dr. Jana Willis at willis@uhcl.edu.