UHCL's Master of Arts in Teaching offers career-changers a great option

April 9, 2018 | Katherine Adams

Changing careers after a few years in a certain field isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Monster.com, a global job-searching website, reports that 59 percent of working adults say they’re interested in pursuing a different career and would like to make the leap. If you’re among them and your career aspiration happens to be teaching, University of Houston-Clear Lake’s College of Education is offering a new Master of Arts in Teaching degree, open to students in fall 2018.

Suzanne Brown, associate professor of mathematics education and chair of curriculum and instruction in UH-Clear Lake’s College of Education said there are many people in the workforce who have undergraduate degrees and have always wished to work in education, but somehow ended up on a different career path. “This M.A.T. is perfect for career-changers,” Brown said. “The program is designed so that it’s possible to receive teacher certification as well as obtain a master’s degree in just 36 credit hours, which is about four semesters.”

The highlights of the program, said Brown, are that students who are currently employed can take the necessary classes in the evening. “There’s no problem continuing your job while you’re taking classes,” Brown said. “There are 10 courses in the program. Most are face-to-face, a few are hybrid (online or in-person), and one full semester of student teaching. And best of all, after just 36 credit hours , you’ll have completed your student teaching, you’ll be certified in your content area, and you’ll have a master’s degree as well, which means you’ll begin your teaching career at a higher salary level.”  This advanced degree, continued Brown, qualifies educators for leadership positions as department chairs, curriculum writers, and other roles.

Brown said that students receive the benefit of personal interaction with experts in their content area, who are highly experienced in teaching the grade level students will be teaching themselves. “The interaction with quality faculty who are researchers and who are actively involved in professional organizations is a great resource to students,” she said. “The face-to-face component of this program is what enriches students the most. They will be on a first-name basis with professors who are dedicated to their success.”

For those who feel unfulfilled in their careers, or feel they need a more rewarding job, Brown said this M.A.T. degree could be a great option. “Teaching is a wonderful career in which you know you’ve made a light bulb go off for a child and made a real difference for them.”

For more information about UHCL’s M.A.T. visit www.uhcl.edu/academics/degrees/teaching-mat.