Short Takes

January 30, 2019 | Jim Townsend

Short Takes

Physics Lecture Series: Simulating First Seconds After the Big Bang

University of Houston-Clear Lake Professor of Physics David Garrison will discuss the results of computational simulations of the first moments after the Big Bang as the spring Physics Lecture Series  continues Monday, Feb. 11.

Specifically, Garrison will discuss Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic simulations utilizing initial conditions from both the Electroweak and QCD phase transitions in order to see if seed magnetic fields may be generated via the Biermann Battery Mechanism of Magnetogensis. 

The series is 7 p.m. each Monday through April 29 in room 1203 of the STEM and Classroom Building, 2700 Bay Area Blvd., Houston. The lectures are free. If pursuing continuing-education credits, each lecture is $15; any three lectures is $40; the entire series is $99. To register or for more information, go to

Friday Morning talks: Clear Lake history; WWII POW’s journey

University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Friday Morning Continuing Education winter series continues Feb. 8 with two lectures. 

At 9 a.m., learn what pirate Jean Lafitte and moonwalkers have in common in the “History of the Clear Lake Area,” with author Ruth Burke.

At 11 a.m., author Tina Farrell recounts the challenges her late father – and many other veterans – faced during and after WWII in “Miracles in the Pacific during WWII – A Prisoner of War’s Survival Story.”

The Friday Morning lecture series highlights unique topics in art, culture, social issues and more led by field experts. Register online and learn more at

CADD lecture: How to deal with picky eaters

University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities will present advice for managing picky eaters during mealtimes in a Feb. 16 lecture titled “Tips for Decreasing Challenging Behavior and Increasing Variety into Your Learner’s Diet.”

Presenter Sarah Williams will introduce strategies to decrease challenging behavior during mealtime. She will begin by discussing strategies aimed at what you can do before and after the first bite. This presentation is ideal for parents, caregivers and teachers of children who are capable of eating all foods but refuse to eat some foods.

The lecture is 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in UH-Clear Lake’s Bayou Building, 2700 Bay Area Blvd., Houston. Cost is free but registration is required. To register, visit

Mercury to present Mozart's final three symphonies at Bayou Theater

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed over 600 works, including 41 symphonies, writing the last three within about six weeks at the end of his life.

On Feb. 7 at 7:30 at University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Bayou Theater, the orchestra Mercury will perform its own special interpretation of these three masterpieces: Symphonies Nos. 39, 40 and 41.

To reserve your tickets and to learn more about other upcoming events, visit

Artist hopes gallery exhibit will spark conversation on climate change

Artist Julie Heffernan’s exhibition, “When the Water Rises,” uses color and detailed imagery to support an introspective, passionate discussion for the message she wants to spread: Climate change is real. The traveling exhibition runs through March 21 in the UHCL Art Gallery, located in the Bayou Building, 2700 Bay Area Blvd., Houston.

Heffernan said she wanted to create a powerful body of work and tour it, to get a conversation going on the topic of climate change. “I couldn’t get it going in my own family,” she said. “So I hoped to give visual form to something that people couldn’t imagine on their own.”

Admission to the gallery is free for everyone. Learn more at